———— Innovative Design & Excellent Quality  ————




 ———— Specialized in making scientific and intellectual baby toys ————

Toona Baba is probably the best manufacturer of soft baby toys in China.

 In 1981, Toona Baba started to produce toys for a European brand with 5 persons only. Today, Toona Baba has 500 employees working for our buyers worldwide.



Toona Baba is specialized in making scientific and intellectual baby toys. We know that clothes protect babies’ body, and toys protect babies’ heart. Therefore, we never use eye-hurting color, ear-hurting sound components, nor toxic dye. We work hard to ensure babies grow up not only physically, but more important, mentally



Toona Baba has been proud of its 2 advantages: Innovative design and excellent quality. We have the best designer and sampling, technician to work for our business partners. We ensure our products are of the finest quality. Every piece of toy contains our love for the next generation.